Hotfix - 9/1/2020 - Discussion

Just wanted to firstly say thanks to the devs for releasing a fix for the Scylla save game corruptions.

One freeze bug that needs fixing (and that I’ve only seen in videos as it’s never happened to me) is when a squad member does return fire and dies whilst firing. For example in the video I watched (from the Angry Joe Show), a squad member returned fire, hitting a barrel as well as the Pandoran, the barrel exploded and killed the squad member. Game hanged, as this was an unexpected outcome programming code wise I’m assuming.

Whilst I’m super happy that the save game corruptions are fixed, I think I’ll wait for the big game balance patch before I play again. The game is just too hard, where I’m up to.

I wonder how the balance patch will work. Will you need to start a new game to benefit from it? Or will it retro-actively balance out our current games in progress. Will we need to restart missions to benefit?

Grateful to the dev’s. With these fixes I can play again. It’s seems like years since play was stopped due to bugs. :slight_smile:
This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good.

Have they done something with the graphics? For some reason everything looks so much better, or is it my imagination? There again I have recently installed the latest Nvidia drivers version 441.87. Maybe it’s those that’s responsible.

Funny enough, I never experienced crashes like most users were reporting. Then again, I never went that far in 1.0, mainly due because the game was feeling so lifeless (research is so mind numbingly boring it grinds my gears).

I’ll keep in touch with PP, waiting for that promised balance patch to arrive

I have a question to this point:
“Fixed a game crash in battles during the enemy turn when the enemy is panicked and could be caused by return fire, overwatch, and/or exploding barrels.”

Is that the issue where there is an endless pandorian turn when i Kill a pandorian with return fire?

Thank you all (even though I experienced none of the said crashes). Love the game, but cannot wait for balance patch…as I am at a point that I get wiped out on every mission now :frowning:

Mmm no regression quoted? Im’ reluctant to apply the patch.

This hotfix seems promising. Maybe it is time to start again and go for three other endings. Managed to play game through once with Anu ending but didn’t want to try again with others since some of the bugs were really annoying. Maybe I even manage to see living weapons (on my troops) this time!

That dreaded point were you know it pointless to carry on? I’ve been there a few times, from normal, to ultra blood thirsty nightmare mode in one mission.