NEW Bugs... And praises!

Overall the new patch has made a great difference so far, have not gotten to far in but have found some serious bugs which will need to attention soon!

1: The over watch is greatly reduced? I have a sniper rife which has an 81 square sight and in over watch barely gets better than a standard rifle, I noticed this big time as I like to use the sniper rifle for everyone. This really impacts the game as I can now no longer get the range I need and allows enemies to get to close.

2: Not so bad this one… You don’t get any specs show when you mouse over the items in the MOUNTS column

3: Living quarters problem? I only have two men at the base and I can no longer recruit as it tells me I don’t have enough living space? I have 6 on the craft (but not at base) and 2 at base which of course is the 8 limit. But I could before have 8 at the base and 6 on the craft with one living quarters! This servery impacts the game as I now have had to make another living quarters (not done yet so hope that actually works) and as space is so limited in the base it has now taken away the space I need to get all the other rooms that are needed. If this is going to be the case then we need a way to dig out more rooms (squares) like in X-Com But to this is just frustrating!

4: The Synedrion maps are GREATLY improved! I can actually use it now! However… the mouse still sticks to the screen and and it is still lagy when lots going on, but a really good improvement on it, it is almost there now but some work still needed, but thanks for what you have done so far on that.

I have found a few other maps also get the mouse sticking to it, you move the mouse and it moves the map view the only way to un-lock it is to select a different weapon and then select the old one back again.

HOWEVER…:slight_smile: This is really a great work you have done on the game with this patch! It really has made a difference and I am loving the music now, it really gets you going and creates that “fear” factor in the game brilliant work on that front!

The new trade tab is perfect…:slight_smile:

But please can you fix the living quarters issue that is really a problem…

Thanks again!

When at night, the overwatch cone is shortened to match limited perception. Perhaps this is what you are seeing. I also assume the unit’s perception is also applied to the cone length.

I’ve always felt that the number of units one can have are tied to the number of living quarters. Build another living quarter and the number of recruits is increased.

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Living Quarters is working as intended. You should only be able to have as many soldiers as your living quarters allow. This includes soldiers who are on aircraft or out in the field.


Overwatch is limited by perception I think. Most soldiers have 35 range.

Finally we will need to manage bases a little bit more. Good change. Strange that they didn’t mentioned it in patch notes.

I noticed that overwatch was significantly shorter too, then on the next mission it was back to normal.

Not sure if it was due to one mission being at night, but I don’t recall having seen this before.

Yes, this is the first time I noticed it too, so I think it must be the patch. You can actually see that the Perception stat of friendlies and enemies is now much lower (-50%?) at night.

@Yokes @MichaelIgnotus I wonder if this adjustment is in line with what you wanted?

Probably, but I don’t have time to play right now.

Likely gonna give it at least a week, so that the Patch can go through the inevitable bug fixes, then I plan to launch another campaign.

Debating whether to try it on Easy, so that I can see what others are talking about and have time to explore the world a bit.

Otherwise, I’ll try it on Legend, but only if Legend still allows Recruits to come naked. Not sure I like the truncated timeline of Legend though - I like to take my time and explore the world, rather than having to be ruthlessly focussed on getting through the story in time.

BTW, does anybody know whether they have increased the ODI reductions from Lair/Citadel Missions? If so, I might go back to my old campaign and re-cheeze those Lairs & Citadels to buy me enough time to do the final Yuggoth Mission.

ODI reduction numbers were not touched. But we are planning ODI rework - more info on Canny:

And yes perception is 50% lower at night.


Yep, though if you play with DLC they often come with bionics and that you to pay for. BTW, though when they come proper naked they don’t cost any gears, they can still cost quite a few apples, plus their stats are worse than on Hero. Conclusion: I’m not sure if replacing loses is actually easier on Legend than on Hero, and Legend does have a much harder start.

@Valygar in my current playthrough (I didn’t start a new game) i’m trading 4 apples for 6 gears (nice art for trade screens, btw!). Is this a bug, intended, happens because I’m allied to the faction(s)?

I think that perception was always at -50% during the night. Not it is just shown on soldier info screen and it limits overwatch range which it wasn’t doing before. :slight_smile: For me it is fine change and something I would definitely opt for. :wink:

My main wish in this matter is howered lowering base perception value (so also during the day) which probably won’t happen because it would require a lot more balancing changes than devs are ready to deploy. :wink:

I was testing this morning other game(pre-Beta) and I think game industry is always cutting corners, I don’t know how many internal QA testers hired Spapshot, but not enough

I found more bugs, after Derleth patch, I have soldiers with 5 available slots in battle, 2 weapons (1st and 2nd) and 3 med-kits 3-5), weird

Yes it is dependent on the map I have found, I have been playing it all day now and it changes almost for every map, sometimes it is correct and other times the sniper can have a OW the same size as a hand gun! It must be linked to the maps in some way, they do need to fix it though!

For me it did not, but once I added another quarters it gave me 16 slots! But I only had two men at the base and it would not let me recruit until I added the other room? Unless it was trying to send to a base I just found and had not activated as yet? But still it should have went to the one that could take it! It seems to be working now but it was definitely not letting me before!

If you only had one room that was built and powered and you had 6 soldiers on the ship, you were already at 8/8

No… I was talking about the sniper rifle with 81 squares sight! It normally goes right across the map, but it was reduced to the size of a hand gun? However after playing all day I have noticed it is tired to the maps, some work fine others do not! I F12 on the maps that screw up so I hope they can track this one down!

During night it will be the same range as handgun because all weapons have the same cap which is perception. Accuracy doesn’t matter here. If you can’s spot enemy further away then it doesn’t matter if you fire with handgun, with sniper rifle or with battleship battery.

This is a know issue that was introduced with Derleth. This happens when you replenish items after a mission where you need to replenish a Medkits.

When you press Replenish all, it replenish the items but the Replenish all stays active. You can press it again and again and again… stacking the medkits on the belt.

To work around the bug, you just press Replenish all once even if it stays active. If you remove the Med kits of the belt and switch to another screen, the other medkit will show.

Annoying? maybe. Game breaking? Not really.

Thanks this makes sense! I now understand whats going on, but it didn’t mention it in the release so I thought it was a bug!

Thanks that explains it!

of course, it is not game breaking, but my point was QA

Another bug, randomly I can’t assign handguns for my Sniper (one of the three active objects), neither in the soldier panel nor in the battlefield, only for his backpack.
This happens when I remove the weapon from that soldier, and I try to assign it again, I can’t.
And that doesn’t stop me, he goes out there with one gun and he fights like a champ
But it’s “annoying”