OOiiIIiiiii! Aiming! Lessons Needed!

So, finally head off on the first diplomatic mission to beat on some raiders. First Oiiii: They come packed with 3 snipers and everyone else in heavy armour. Okay, no problem Dano, you can do this. First soldier takes aim, notices a buddy a bit ahead of him, but no problem, he’s over to the left. Take aim…second Oiii…all 6 rounds go into buddy. Hit button without thinking to second shot enemy…third oiii…all 6 rounds go into buddy!!! I couldn’t have hit him that many times if I’d aimed at him!!! :slight_smile:

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Mouse wheel let’s you aim in and move shot pattern away from buddy. Alternately, pick routes a little more carefully, and remember APs are not as Rigid as fxcom.

Oh I know. I wasn’t complaining, just mentioning a memorable moment.