To J.G., Alan, et. al :)

Wanted to just say a very big thank you for the game. Have been enjoying it immensely. The variation in missions and exploration sites, so many detailed with story or background info, has been excellent. I actually end up anticipating the next ? to see what I learn or how the story progresses. I’ve enjoyed trading and recruiting with the various havens. Do I take another NJ assault or wait for something more interesting to pop up?

The skills progressions have been filled with many choices. Do I pick Return Fire for that extra bit of damage or crank up strength and speed so my assault can dash and deal amazing shotgun damage? Experimenting with a heavy class in sniper armour was fascinating as his aim increased dramatically and that Hell Canon was actually very deadly!

The mood and story and background is such an improvement over the latest XComs mission after mission after mission just grinding for XP. And thank you for the training centres! Whoever had that little idea deserves a pat on the computer! :slight_smile:

So just a thank you! Wherever you look there seems to always be endless grumblings but know there are many out there really enjoying your creation!

Dan T.
(Southern Ontario, Canada)

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