XCOM without the sourness

Bought this game. Quite enjoying it. The aiming system. I like that it manages to take the frustration out of the RNG by removing the all or nothing approach. I feel that while this works on table top games where you roll a dice and it really feels like the luck of the draw, video games seem to take the powers of fate out of your hand and just come across as incredibly unfair when you miss a 96% shot, and being told the algorithm is perfectly random does nothing to help this. Our brain just feels like the AI cheated on us.

The counter attack mechanism I like too because it makes you have to be more wary of your position. Is the aim penalty higher for this?

Just read about vehicles on the forum. Back to play more. I want one.

All in all I feel this could be the first real contender against you know who. Hopefully the full game offers tons of variation.

Thanks for reading.

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