On xbox, i build my first Manticore

I did build my first manticore… it’s asking me where to send it… even i got 3 base i cant click on any of them. i cant go further in the game the controller seem to be block. i cant press on any of them to send the manticore. so i cant play anymore only way i supposed it to cancel the building project. anyone got the same problem? any other resolution? i do something wrong?

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I did restart a new game because even the new patch it didn’t correct the problem with the new Manticore. But in the new game I restart the new Manticore can be built without a bug.before It was blocking the game to go further.

Same here with any large item built on Xbox one, it asks where to put it I click on a base in the UI then it changes no longer shows hit a to place or Y to locate base but keeps the base selection UI open. If you hit A on a base it continues to add more tanks or manticores to the base as you can see the number rising on the base of people stationed there but does nothing else. This is on Xbox one. Pretty much if I don’t steal the vehicle I can not get any back making them. Super sucks I love this game but it’s unplayable.

Yeah, game is still piece of shit on consoles.

They don’t seem to be in rush to patch the game. i stop play the game because of some annoying bugs. i just wonder why the game is not at the same level as the pc version is. they didn’t release the game at the same time… so they got a lot of time to work on in and perfect the version before release. it should be a copy and paste of the same version on pc.

im waiting for a patch that doesn’t seem to come. i was about to buy it… but i change my mind (that game is part of gamepass and i still have it for 2 months. i’m a strategy lover so i decide to play another game instead… Disciple liberation sorry for them even it’s a release game ported on xbox an this is a bether experience

There is supposed to be a console patch rolling out on Wednesday.

Hope its going to improved the game a little bit. before its too late. most people won’t wait for patch and bash the game.