Controller doesn't work properly

Cant play the game and the bug shows on larger map so I cant get a return either. Quite angry that a game out for over a year still is this buggy as this game (the freezes after missionanimation, the buggy character menu where you cant use a space in naming without fiddling a lot).

But this bug is somewhat gamebreaking. On full zoom out so you can see most of the map the pointer cant get near the trooper you try to move. The more zoomed out the father away from the soldier is an invisible wall and to bypass that you have to rotate the map and the invisible wall moves. Will stop writing now because Im pissed of at this game. Want my money back but I can forget about that right. Bought on Epic store

It is the walls and not the trooper it depends on. Max zoomed out I cant with a controller get close to the wall that are in the bottom with trooper movement.

Its like the invisible wall you have on the map for the controller shifts a tile upwards for every step you zoom out. Fully zoomed in everything is fine. One stepped zoomed out i cant reach the tiles on the first row on the tiles on the bottom on the screen but I can go one row outside on the top. For every step zoomed out it effects another row. I have a normal 360 controller. No issues what so ever in any other game.

I believe it is the third map of the tutorial that is effected. The mission where you should take as many boxes as you can with spawning enemies. The maps before that I haven’t notice this problem so I don’t know if it is just this map or the other maps was so small that I didnt notice.

Nothing? Really? What a great developer.