OK, how do you capture Nasties?

Assuming you allow yourself to rage burst sniper rifles :wink:.

A rage burst with Athena sniper rifle is OK, I guess, because it is a special weapon =)

Just fyi, containment cells do need power. They disappear anything in them if they lose power.

OK, I update my post then. Thanks

Excuse my apparent rudeness in this reply, but no, that is not the right way, it is the unbalanced broken cheesy way. Sniper Rifles have no right to be able to Rage Burst, which is so obviously designed for auto-weapons, it hurts to even think about it.

The right way to take down a Big Nasty is to come up with ingenious ways of getting your Heavy close enough without being fragged/mind contolled and then let lose with a Gatling Gun.

I refuse to Rage Burst with Sniper Rifles until I come across a Panda that is completely unkillable any other way.

I never thought about it. Why? “Burst” has also the meaning of “outbreak” or “explosion”, not only firing a weapon in auto mode.
I guess it should be balanced either by lesser number of shots (1/2 of a clip? Fixed number? 4 shots?) or/and by accuracy debuf.

Whatever, even if you prefer to play that way, doesn’t change the fact that the game gets super boring mid to late game with nothing to do at all but click on the time.

Or just pomp few explosives around her to lower her armor and then just kill her with all your guys.

See my recent post here: So… Rage Burst can no longer cover multiple targets

See my reply to you here: So… It’s getting cold and I want to know if this game is ready

Absolutely :+1:

I recently played a Mission where I totally f!*£ed up my placement, and instead of laying 3 Spider Drones to keep the Scylla occupied, I left my Heavy Moby Wong in her path to get stomped on.
There went both her arms - and with it any chance of Rage Bursting her ass. So Beany Dashed up to heal Moby before she bled to death in the Scarab, then turned around and armour-busted the Scylla’s mandibles before Dashing to safety; and that left my Snipers falling back just ahead of her, picking off her weak points as Beany launched Grenades at her and my Stealth Dude peppered her with Spider Drones. Thankfully, she ran away to the other side of the map before falling over and belching Face-Huggers all over the place.

Which begs the question: why would you want to kill the Scylla in a Haven Defence?

Have you noticed that if the Scylla escapes the HD, she reappears in the subsequent Citadel Mission with all her limbs intact, but minus all the HPs you inflicted on her in the HD. So the strategically sensible thing to do is damage her just enough to make her run away from the Haven, but not kill her. That way, she doesn’t belch Face-Huggers all over the map, and she’s much, much easier to take down in the Citadel - and she’s basically a sitting target in the Citadel Turkey Shoot anyway, even without using broken Rage Burst.

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I have never tried to paralyze then “evac - fail” a mission to see if you still get the paralyzed Pandoran.

It worked once for me on an Ambush mission, when i paralyzed Mindfragger and then evacuated. I guess capture works only when mission is counted as accomplished.
Can’t tell if this is true for the loot on the ground, do you have to actually pick it up when retreating? That would be logical.

Yes, I wrote that it works for Ambushes, because you “Evac- Success”. Even though I think it shouldn’t … unless they add a mechanism by which we can move the Pandoran to the evac zone.

But I don’t know if you “Evac - Fail”. Let’s say you start a lair and Paralyze a Siren, and then
leave (thus failing the mission). I don’t know if you still get the Siren in this case.

Well… I guess that’s the point of the topic. Just as the OP described, it seems that if mission (whether haven defence or lair assault) is not finished (due to evacuation) it is not concidered as successful one and you leave all the paralyzed enemies (and loot that you haven’t picked up?) on the battlefield.

Not only that but if you kill the Scylla in the haven defense the citadel it came from turns into a Lair, even if you already detected it on the map, rather than being destroyed.

Another good reason not to kill the bitch in the Haven :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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How do you win the defence mission without killing Scylla? I’ve never tried that. She is so fragile that usually dies in one turn as soon as she get’s attention of my squad. Her only defence is her armour. Once the armour is gone… well, let’s say she is a difficult (to miss) target.

If you overuse willpower skills then well you may have a problem with not killing her.

If you injure her enough, she runs away.

That’s good to know, maybe I’ll try that one day))