Containment facility and Capture

I come here with a question : How to unlock the whole alien capture feature?

I have read here (forum) and there (ingame) that you should be able to paralyse aliens on the field, put them in containment facilities, and then make some research with them or discover new mutations (Anu). However, I never saw any quest about that, didn’t capture aliens when paralysing them, and never had access to containment facilities.

I am wondering if there is a trigger to unlock the whole thing.
Any hint is appreciated.

when paralysing them

If you can paralyse them you have the required research which means you can build containment facilities.

Pandoran Capture and Containment

I paralyse them with synedrion guns (pistol and sniper rifle). I’ve read there is a melee weapon, i don’t have access to it.

I don’t have that facility in my list :frowning:

Do you know how and when you get this research?
I am quite far in the game, allied with synedrion and Disciples of Anu, with a hard pass on New Jericho. I doubt it, but is this research linked to Jericho?

Thanks for your answer.

you get this research very early in the game. I think you need to have completed the pandoran colony research for it to show up though

It takes several shots with the neuralizer but each time they shoot back so I get my man killed before they drop. If I disarm by shooting the arms off and degrade them so the neuraliser has a chance they bleed to death anyway. Have been trying to capture without any luck. Any advice?

if you destroy the gun, rather than shoot the arm, they won’t loose all that HP. You could also MC them, use a med kit on them, then paralyze them

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You need to destroy a Pandoran Nest, then you get the containment research.

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Thank you, Pr8Dator, this must be the answer i was looking for.
I am quite far into the campaign, though I avoided Nests as much as I could. I guess I have a new priority target now!

Mikez, first, you can try to avoid those who have return fire, then focus on the remaining enemies not the first, and use other skills to weaken them (ie. warcry, panic, etc), maim them if they can withstand the damage, that by the way will lower the threshold for full paralysis. Keep in mind that partial paralysis lowers available APs of the target. If you have access to synedrion tech, you will get ranged weapons to paralyse too.

I usually do the nest by week 2 and have containment ready by week 3 along with alignment with Anu. By week 4, I would already be mutating my soldiers from the mutagen harvested from these captured aliens hehe have fun! I am only halfway into week 4 on my current playthrough on Hero diff and I already have 2 berserkers with the body mutation hehe

You want to do the before the pans get grenade launcher because they can cheat by launching grenades over the tunnel walls, which is impossible for us to do, and kills a lot of soldiers due to the restricted space. Thats why I do it by week 2. Sometimes I do it right at week 1.

is there a list of enemies immune?

the only enemies I know of that are immune to capture are the sentinels and the spawnery

Ok thanks but why I get a message “resistant”?

you are trying to bash with weapon rather than strike with it. Bash is the hit enemy with a weapon’s buttstock attack. Strike hits with the paralysis bits

Lol thanks, the worth is at first attempt I did it, but hadn’t any cage yet.

Ok button with a special symbol, I’ll check.

Might sound a daft question but I assume you have to actually fly to the base with the containment facilty?

Could be a Mac specific problem but all the troubles is coming from no button, you need attack and for that no button, select enemy, then select Attack.

It’s very confusing because there’s also the bash with weapon (that I was using) and because for other close range it feels a little bit more natural.

@Mikez No, you just need to have a containment facility, anywhere, and the captured pandorans are automaticly transfered to the space available once you finish the mission. It will unlock research in the panel of the same name.

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