Can scyllas be captured?

I just paralyzed one completely but at the end of the mission I didn’t get a scylla. Is this capturable? If so how many containment spaces does it take? I only have 1 containment box (50 capacity, but I used space on 1 x each triton, crab, mind fragger, fire worm). Do I need more containment boxes for a scylla or is it just not capturable?

it is captureable, though I don’t know how many containment slots it takes up

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Do you remember how many containment structures you had built when you captured it? Did you have 2 containment units overall? (not talking about slots)

edit: nevermind, I actually did get credit for capturing the scylla even though the mission ending didn’t say I did. I had to research autopsy first before I got the vivsection to show up, but apparently capturing that one scylla counts as both a body for autopsy and as a live containment for vivisection, don’t need more than 1 containment box for it.


Also, I have never captured a Scylla personally.

a scylla take 20 or 25 containement space per unit :slight_smile: and yes it’s capturable (it’s part of the main quest actually :p)

Is there any reason to capture duplicates that you already vivisected?

Haven’t tried it myself yet, but I would hope you could extract metagen from them still if you’re going down the whole mutations route.

Yep, that’s the only reason I see. Make mutogs for base defense and more mutations if you like it.

I captured one last week. Was pretty easy, as that was the only enemy around at the time and had plenty of Athena sniper rifles at hand.

Athena snipers make capturing easy in general because of burst fire; you can paralyze anything in one burst. I think they require synderion alignment, is that correct?

The scylla I captured was actually due to using neurazers (lmao) and I finished the map 1 round before it died to bleeding (I disabled a lot of its legs so it would stop running around).

Their single fire. How do you do burst?

And yes. You get that via aligning with Synedrion.

the Heavy’s rage burst ability used with the Athena rifle is a guaranteed paralysis on the Scylla, at least as far as I know

lol nice to think of it, my experience was battlecry and gang her with assault dash and neurazer after some shot from the sniper to disable some nasty ability. It take a while but i manage it with no side effect

That’d likely be the psychic scream that you were disabling.

So… i think my savegame is bugged there. Ive had now 2 Missions (once haven devense, once citadell attack) and ive killed every other bug, egg, whatsoever and paralysed the scylla just to see that the mission doesnt end. Got at least 40 space in my containmend facility. Just in case.

Didn’t bother trying in a Citadel, but I did it with Neurazers in a haven defense. After all other pandorans dead or paralyzed mission ended and had the Scylla in containment.

In Citadel’s it doesn’t work, as your task is to “Kill the Scylla”.

Now I know that other missions say “Kill all enemies” and yet you could stun them all and still beat it, but meh.

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Scylla has 126 str as far as I remember. It’s 16 Neurazer shots.
So you need 4 assaults with dash.
1st, you need to disable legs, so it cannot leap to your soldiers. If you have no WP on assaults, you can restore while snipers are disabling it’s legs.
Then you dash to it and tickle it.
Do not disable it’s weapons 1st, because it can just run away from battlefield.

Scylla has about 100-150 str, depending on her set of limbs.

Ok, then 126 was probably with legs disabled.