Official custom campaign, no ammo bugs

I just udated my game to the latest Hastur build and subscribed to the official Custom Campaign mod. I launched with “Play Phoenix Point with mods”, enabled Custom Campaign, and turned on “No ammo” option.

Initially, it seemed to work alright. My starting weapons were fully loaded, I couldn’t manufacture ammo, but I could reload infinitely within combat.

Then I went on a mission to Rescue Soldiers mission, saved three characters with independent crappy weapons and exited the map. First, the “refill used items” screen bugged and wanted me to refill ammo for the independent assault rifle, which I couldn’t because I can’t manufacture any ammunition. “Refill all” didn’t work, “Okay” didn’t work, but finally I managed to just close the window by pressing ESC.

In personnel menu, all the independent weapons had less than full magazines. When I moved any independent weapon from a soldier to inventory, the weapon disappeared. Alright, I can’t replace the ammunition anyway. Then I noticed I had an empty Phoenix Point assault rifle in my inventory, not sure from where. I could not refill it either. When I moved the rifle to a different inventory slot, it left behind a magazine in the previous slot. When I moved the magazine to the empty PP rifle, the weapon wasn’t loaded but the magazine duplicated itself in the slot it was in. I could duplicate the magazine and the stack of magazines kept growing. Exiting personnel screen made the magazines vanish.

It’s clear that the official Custom Campaign mod is rather bugged, so I just quit the game. For now, I’ll just stick to unmodded PP and hope things get fixed.