Ammo bug when unequipping partial magazines


It seems that after the latest Hastur patch, there seems to be something wrong with how the game keeps track of partial magazines/ammo. For example, in my current game, I have two Ares AR-1 rifles with 30/36 and 24/36 ammo left respectively, and no spare magazines in the stores. If i unequip them both, i should get one full magazine back right? At the current moment, if I unequip them both the game does not create one, so you lose the ammo if you unequip them.

Also the same happened between missions for example with the Mercy shotgun, I bought the gun and three mags and gave them to one soldier. I’ve fired the weapon a total of three times over three missions but can only equip one magazine at the moment. I unequipped the weapon and one mag after each mission in order to reload.

I am not playing with mods enabled.

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