Empty magazine dont dissappear

OK Guys… I supported your choice to not reload the weapon and magazines straight out of the thin air but this IS a bug.
So I wan’t to keep my guy with a Mercy and 2 spare mags. I am done with the mission and I got ‘replenish needed’ screen. Fine, I clicked ‘replenish all’. Then I see that I got some ammo missing (the yellow clip icon), fine, I am going and clicking all ‘ammo+’ buttons. Exactly like I expected. and then I wanted to rearrange the rest of the stuff… AND… I got clips with 32/48 and 0!!! /48. sitting there. After I clicked to replenish.
My next mission should be the lair. So while I am fine with going with 3 magazines, I am not happy with going with 1,5.

  1. I NEVER reload the weapon until the magazine is empty. so I dont know how I got this half-full magazine.
  2. Empty magazine should be discarded, or refulled with some discount
    and, the most important thing:
  3. there should be a VERY clear communication that magazine is not full!

The soldiers do reload by themself between two missions if you have magazines in your stock. But they do it efficiently (not wasting the whole mag if they only need one ammo)

So let’s say you have shot 2 sniper shot on the mission and haven’t reloaded yourself, once in the airship, your soldier will carefully remove 2 ammo from a stored magazine, and put the ammo in the gun. Leaving the other magazine at 4/6 ammo.

Note that if you have severall ammo clips on your HQ BASES storage (not the character bag / quickslot), the character will instead use the base clips, keeping his full mags on his backpack for next deployment, so it’s aever a good idea to keep a dozen clips for every weapon you’ll use in mission for not wasting your time dealing with clip management :slight_smile:

This being said, you should not have the 0/48 thingie, it’s strange, can’t tell for sure it’s a bug but it never happened to me. Are you sure you can’t dismantle it (by click & draging him on the dismantling case?), if you can i suggest you to do it, it may (should) not happen again x)

These empty clips dissappear when I move them from backpack to ‘storage’ the same way as two half empty being merged and when you drag them from the storage, you got one full and one less full then before.
I don’t have a problem with keeping half-empty magazine in my backpack. I have a problem that it’s happening after I clicked ‘replenish all’ AND I don’t see it.

Oh yep i guess it’s anoying, but note that if you keep some full mags in your base, already crafted before you even go on mission, soldier should use this ones when reloading between missions, and therefore freeing you to even have to click the little replenish button every time (as long as you still have some in stock) x)

I keep around 20 mags for all my used weapons and haven’t had to click this button since a reaaaaaly long time while stiull having my soldiers full weapon and mags every mission without me having to manually reload ^^ (unless i’m totaly out of ammo in the active clip in a mission but it’s not so frequent ^^)

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