Widespread Reloading Bug

I combed through the posts and noticed others are also experiencing bugs with weapon reloads. I think my observations on this may be a little more complete. Let me know if any of you have experienced similar problems.

First, there is the problem with reloading from the equipment screen which is well-reported. If you reload a weapon (or top one up) and then tab out and back in to the equipment screen, the reload is gone even though the resources or ammo have been expended. In addition, reloads often fail to “stick,” in that you get into the mission and the “reloaded” weapon is still without ammo.

Next, there is the problem of in-mission reloads. In my most recent campaign, I often encounter soldiers who run out of ammo, reload in place, but the weapon remains empty even through the magazine is gone from inventory. I finally figured out that, if you move first (even one square) and then reload, it works properly, but this workaround is obnoxious for obvious reasons.

Curiously, this bug grew progressively worse over the course of the campaign. Initially, it seemed only one soldier was having this issue. Before long, the reloading disease infected my entire squad. Considering how hard resources are to come by, having to spend lots of extra resources on ammo has turned this campaign into a quagmire that I’m going to bail on.

Running BB5 on Mac OS.

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I’ve had similar experience. Although someone else posted that ammo clips in inventory could be partially filled (which I have seen) and that this could also contribute to the ammo reload issue.

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That’s not it. I always check my ammo levels before going on a mission, and topping off magazines is also part of the reloading bug. Those reloads don’t stick either.

If you want to keep playing this build, just find the way to get more resources. First I robbed NJ and Syn labs. If it’s unacceptable solution you can keep a couple of nests near your base and let them attack surrounding havens. Same time you will get exp and skill points for your soldiers.
*I mean, this bug is really widespread, and we have no better solution for current build.

You want unlimited resources (money) actually all of them! Just open the console and type “show_me_the_money” and you will have enough to keep you busy for anything you want! In fact 10,000 of each thing! I don’t mind doing it here as I want to test it out, hopefully will not need to do it in the real deal as it will be more balanced but here I do when I start any game, makes it much more fun and gives a chance to see what you can get!

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Using it final release would be boring.

Not sure it’s contributing to the bug or just a coincidence, but all of my failed reloads (in tactical) have been by assaults who are under the effect of the “rapid clearance” ability