Ammunition bug on geoscape

Reload your weapons (on geoscape, not combat), then go to the Bases tab (maybe it happens with other tabs too), return to the Personnel tab, click on Equipment and part of your weapons will appear with no ammunition (those that you just reloaded). I sent a F12 report.

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It is mainly these one here:

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You are right. Kind of. It doesn´t happen immediatelly when i go to Bases and return to Personnel, i have to then click on Next soldier too for it to happen. I don´t have to click on back…the next soldier will “manifestate” this bug.

I came here to report this bug. Having the exact same occurrence. Equip and reload a weapon in personnel tab, cycle to next character, cycle back to previous character, ammo is missing and weapon is empty.

I’ve seen this with the non-phoenix point weapons, and seems to occur fairly consistently to the… (sorry their name slips me) blue factions sniper rifle and pistol a lot.