Odd Behavior - Lair Attacks Haven - Turns Into Citadel After Attack Starts

And “teleports” a Scylla into the haven attack. I know that Scylla are mysteriously tied to a Citadel, but this is pushing the boundaries a wee bit (in my book).

I went to defend the haven knowing it was being attacked by a lair. By the time I deployed the lair had upgraded to a citadel. While the attacking force never indicated a change, sure enough a Scylla was present.

I know that if one takes out a Citadel while a nearby haven is under attack, the Scylla at the haven is destroyed as well as the one at the Citadel and vice versa. To quote the Firesign Theater, " How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All".

She is the fastest enemy on agile leg. She joined the fight in the meantime, just before you have arrived. :wink:

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