Do Lairs Produce Scylla?

From what I have read, I assumed that only Citadels produce Scylla and that Lairs produce Sirens and Chirons as the high level Pandorans. While Nests produce the lesser Pandorans. So why would a haven attack have a Scylla? After successfully defending the haven, only a Lair was revealed.

Did you kill the Scylla in the field? That’ll downgrade the nearby base from Citadel to Lair.


Makes sense. Before I discovered the Pandoran base, I took out a Scylla in the haven defense. But I still don’t understand how the Pandoran base even existed where it was, as the area had be clean for quite some time and under mist repeller protection.

Yeah I’ve never seen a new base crop up within a repelled zone before. I may be misremembering the lore but Pandas are only supposed to be able to build under cover of mist, right? If so, could be a bug.

Load Screen Tip: Pandorans will build under mist cover - but can attack beyond the mist. (paraphrased).

Because it could spawn there as Nest when there was still a mist. It hadn’t have required range to attack havens earlier and it waited to grow and merge with other alien Nest. Then as Lair it had enough range to merge with other Lair and become Citadel even if there was already repeller working in the area.

While there is no way for me to be 100% certain, I am almost positive that this area was scanned with proper tech to reveal their bases. None were found and it was in-game weeks with no attacks while the mist repeller did its job and then the attacks started. I did discover other bases (citadels) in the mist during this time that were launching attacks. This also happened in another area during the same campaign.

But like I said there is no way to be 100% sure in either case due to the fog of war.

That’s it. Knew I’d seen that somewhere before.

I really think killing the Scylla during the haven defense should auto-kill the citadel it came from rather than downgrading it. As is it incentivizes letting the wounded Scylla escape.

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Or downgrade it right down to a nest (since I thought Spawneries died to make room for Scyllas anyway?). Once you get to the midgame you never see nests anymore. They’re my favourites too, probably because of how scarce they are though.

Downgrade? Hadn’t noticed it.

It’s nothing new that enemy bases are hidden before doing any attack and scan can’t reveal them. Not sure why this design choice, but frankly scaning constantly all around looks like tedious gameplay, could be the reason of this choice.

On start there’s no enemy base, they spawn as game progress, and it continue until end game. Many comments seem ignore it.

Yup. Next time you have a Scylla present at a Haven defense try and kill it before it can escape, the base that is revealed will be a lair. Or if it was already revealed to be a citadel, it’ll now be a lair.

It’s rare I don’t kill them, but ok I’ll check. At Easy, I had some cases with a scylla almost dead in a Citadel but I don’t remind the downgrade, and in this campaign, I didn’t played much lairs.

That’s the reason you let them escape. Put the damage on them during the haven defense, let them escape, then go to the citadel and pop them for an easy win as they’re already almost dead.

Killing them during the haven defense is counterproductive. Killing them should get you a bonus chunk of XP for also destroying the Citadel they came from rather than punish you by then making you clear out a full strength lair as well.

Honestly, they upgrade again so quick, 95% of the time you kill a Scylla at a haven and immediately head towards the lair, it’s a citadel again by the time you actually arrive. This keeps happening to me, at least. Not that I’m complaining lol I’d rather get the citadels over with as they only take 1-2 turns even with a healthy Scylla.

The opposite happens as well. I was headed towards a citadel while a nearby haven was being attacked. I scoped out the haven, and sure enough there was a Scylla there (along with a couple of Chiron). Since I also had a base nearby, I opted to back out of the haven defense and take out the Citadel instead. After doing this, I headed to defend the haven. Now there was no Scylla and only 1 Chiron.

That happened for me on a base defense. I was already headed to destroy a citadel when I got the base defense message and timer. Destroyed the citadel, went to the base and when the timer ran out there was no attack.

These examples are why it should be the same in reverse. Kill the Scylla at the haven, destroy the citadel it came from outright, no downgrade bs.