Capturing Scylla

In my last playthrough I was able to capture a Scylla with that spawning abdomen.

Now I`m playing a new playthrough and got the other Scylla cornered. That one with the blades as front arms that spawns upon death mutliple Mindfraggers.

My paralyzer do absolutely no damage or paralyze damage to her. Is it because of her high armour or what?

I shot here some rounds into the legs, after that I dealt a little bit paralyze damage. But after that again none.
In melee I can`t choose the body parts.

What can I do to paralyze her?

Edit2: Saw, that from some positions some of my men dealt stun damage, then again not.

Likely high armor. There are certain abilities that strip armor, have someone crack the egg first then you can scramble it easily.

I finally did it:
Shot away its blades and disabled one leg.
The surrounded it with all melees and used constantly the neutralizer, until finally someone breached it.

I missed that part, a neuralizer, that was very bold. No way I’d get up close to a Scylla with that toy.

If you use heavy’s war cry, it has only 2AP and can therefore not do much. Just move 1 tile away before you end the turn and she can’t melee you.

Well many Scylla will have some 1AP attack not close range or mindfragers. If there’s armor problem and as aiming less armored parts is tricky with close range, it’s not worth it. Wait at least have the pistol or even the SR.

But what leaves me confused:
Why does a Scylla take sometimes paralyze damage, sometimes none?

You may also use the Synderion Sniper Rifle, the Athena, which deals 15 paralyze and 10 damage with, off the top of my head, 40 armor penetration. Will be a much faster way of stunning her and you can aim with that. However, that also means a lot of extra carry weight for one or more of your soldiers when you are going into an “Extreme” difficulty mission.

My recommendation is to do it in a citadel. It is very easy to sit in your spawn area and snipe down enemies as they are “alerted” to you and engage your soldiers. In this manner, you do not need to worry about your encumbrance. With any luck, the Scylla will be one of the last enemies to be “alerted” to you, so you can then focus much of your fire with Athenas on her.


That mission was a citadel-mission.
Paralyzing it resulted in the mission NOT being finished. Had to kill the Scylla sadly.

Oh damn. That should be considered a bug. Legit. That has no basis in logic as to why the mission would fail when the Scylla is “neutralized”, one way or another. I’d report that as a bug.

You need do at least 1 damage so the paralyze effect is applied. With long range and aiming you can aim the right part. With close range it’s a bit more complex, it depends of soldier position and Scylla facing, I don’t know any formula for that, the mysterious mechanism will hurt sometimes a part for no damage (too high armor) then no paralyze, or sometimes it will hit another part for some damages and paralyze effect.

Last time I tested, paralyze a scylla in a citadel doesn’t stop the mission, you need paralyze or kill all aliens on map.

As I wrote above to finish the Citadel mission with a paralyzed Scylla you need kill or paralyze all aliens on map.

I don’t think anyone suggested anything otherwise, Zzzz. Nothing I said precludes someone from finishing off remaining aliens before/after getting to paralize the Scylla.

You did, and I won’t bother quote. The mission could have as well finish only on Scylla kill.

My Scylla has 116 Paralyzse points. I dealt her 100 points, now every paralyze attempt results in 0 damage 0 paralyze points. *grrrrrrrrrrrrr

From some position I make paralyze damage, from others not. Next round the same success position does not para damage.

Seriously don’t bother yet, wait have one SR paralyze. But if you want do it, lower armor, with shredding, acid, or Armor Break.

Not true, what you missed is that you have to kill all the OTHER enemies if you are going to capture the Scylla in a Citadel. That means all the EGGS. Citadel capture was my first actual capture of a Scylla so I know it does work.

What is a SR paralyzer? What does armor shredd help me, if I can`t aim with the melee paralyzer?

“kill all the OTHER enemies” isn’t right, you can paralyze some or all. Otherwise I agree with you, it’s possible and I did it too. That said, it was before last patch, it could have changed.

What I need to know: Why do 80 % of my Neurazer attacks deal no paralyze damage to the Scylla?