Not able to travel that far without getting stuck

Not sure if it’s because its early access, or i have to wait for red to get closer, but it seems when i find a phoenix base it wont let me move the ship anywhere else, causing me to start over ( because i quick saved ).

When you find a new Phoenix Base you get given a second transport (and another for each new base). You can see them listen in the top left outliner.

The game time normally auto plays when all of your transports are in the air. If you only have one, sending it somewhere will unpause time. If you have more than one transport, you either have to send them all somewhere, or use the space bar to unpause.

Can you hire new recruits yet? or is that not out yet?

to recruit a new soldier select one of your bases, the icons on the bottom will be to go to inventory, build an armadillo, and recruit a soldier. Recruiting a soldier costs 100 food. You get one of the four classes in BB3 chosen at random

Okay thanks, i will try my best. TY so much!

how do i get food?

ah i see now, by passing time, thanks

you also get food from scavenging sites and as rewards for saving havens from attack

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I’d highly recommend reading the game guide, as most of the answers you seek are contained within.