How far can you go in current (3rd) build?


Just bought supporter kit for this promising game, i have no previous experience on sayd Xcoms ect, so the first few rounds felt really hard but thats to be expected. The thing im asking is if the current beta is mmmm, you know, playable for bit longer than few rounds and start again? For example im bit lost on how to find more crew members so i just start a new game again and again =) Totally understanding the phase game is in, so there will be tutorials ect in the final product, but while waiting i just try to figure things out on my own and as i sayd, 0 experience on sayd Xcoms, its new ground for me =)


To be fair Phoenix Point is little different than XCOM games. Missions and rewards are generated differently, so experience is not needed. As long as you can find scavenge missions you can easily acquire new equipment and resources. But those at some point will be gone. And next you need to wait for haven defence missions which will grant you resources and reputation without equipment, which will allow you to more easily expand and fight with aliens on their ground on alien base attack missions. But as map is randomly generated it is sometimes hard to find any mission. You also acquire resources at slow rate just with passing time, but to be fair you need to be really patient with that. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if you can find new crew members. But definitely you can hire them at your base if you have enough food.


Ok thanks, so thats how you recruit new members! Too bad i ran in to a bug where i can just fly around with my ship but i cant enter any sites or fights. Reported with the ingame F12 function ofc.

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Did you run out of fuel?

Nah, i just couldnt enter any encounter. I could fly around just fine but couldnt go to any fight, so just rolled new game cos that one was busted. Did a ingame bug report, cos was kinda game ruining experience =) But im good.

How do you hire new recruits at your base. I dont see a place where i can do that when i have my manticore there or select my base. Thanks your help in advance. Never mind i figured it out. In case anyone else needs to knwo if you click on your base the option comes up.

on the geoscape, select one of your bases. Amongst the icons across the bottom of the screen will be one to recruit a soldier. It costs 100 food and you get one of the 4 classes at random

Just to add for those wondering: you get 5 materials per base per day. The day changed between 2:30-3:00AM for me, which is a bit of an odd time, so I’m wondering if it’s the same for others.
Another thing that changes is that if you have two bases, your manticore will have a slightly further reach, so POIs that were just out of your reach (or safe reach) could be in now. I assume it extends further for each new base.

to the time bit, what time zone is your base in? when the new day happens might be tied to a particular time zone at the moment.

UV has mentioned that every time a manticore finds a new Phoenix base, that manticore and only that manticore gets a range boost as a pseudo-upgrade system