Norton Deletes the game?

Soon as I try launching Norton hops all over it like a quarterback on a drunk cheerleader, gives me a warning saying it’s unsafe and deletes the file =P

That’s because Norton AntiVirus is one of the worst possible Antivirus software solutions you could use, but that’s ultimately up to you – either way, this is Norton’s overkill heuristic going ballistic on a false-positive, the entire build is completely clean and free of any malware, as confirmed by genuinely working AntiVirus software. :tophat:

So you should either switch your AV software completely, which would be my personal suggestion, or at least you need to create an exception-rule to tell Norton that this is indeed safe.

I wonder if it’s because the game contains a Pandoria…virus.

Anway, as @Homer_Morisson has pointed out, this is definitely a false positive. We would never send out any infected files to customers.


Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to Disable Norton in order to run a program, just never seen it go apeshit like that before and delete an entire folder.

@UnstableVoltage I see what you did there… :rofl:

For reference, a similar this happened to me, and I use Avast. I had to create an exception for the executable.

I’m using the Windows Defender suite, which once was known as Microsoft Security Essentials, and that didn’t give a false-positive.

It is probably because it is unsigned - some AV products will by default flag/kill/deny access to unsigned applications because most legitimate programs are signed by the publisher and most malicious programs are not. My Windows defender suite on Windows 10 prevented it from running for this reason, so I had to manually authorize it. I am sure the final build will be signed…

Interesting, mine didn’t… but then I allowed sideloading of course, that might be the kicker.

except if it was malwared “in transit” … most of the “corporate” proxies perform man in the middle on SSL connections and may inject stuff in downloads… so you could download something you do not want to :slight_smile:
Best would be to provide a sha256 hash beside the zip file :slight_smile: