Launcher gets flagged as suspect/malware

Just purchased the game and downloaded the launcher without issue, but trying to launch it windows blocks it with a warning of suspicious executable - possibly because it’s not signed/verified and has no publisher data? This seems like a pretty big oversight, I was able to work around it easily enough - but it would be nice to not have to deal with that warning to start with.

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We were only able to add the launcher at the last minute (literally in the last week) so we haven’t yet been able to get the exe signed.

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You can hit more details and then tell it to run anyways. Had to do this with past BB DLs as well.

Also have this problem: malwarebytes flags launcher.

All we can do is reassure that it is safe. The launcher doesn’t have a valid certificate yet (neither does our .exe) so a few different security programs are just suspicious of it.