Not starting up

Problem: i downloaded phoenix point from link recieved from email and then extracted it. Then i click on phoenix point and i get this screenshot:

Please can you explain step-by-step how to sort this out

Looks like Windows Defender being overzealous just because it doesn’t know anything about the app.

Yeah, I had this issue too, @stu30ss. Norton also quarantined some of the files and I had to tell it off as well, haha.
So, this one has a very simple fix. Do you see the “More Info” underlined text in the top left? If you click that then it’ll add a new option to the bottom of the box saying “run anyway”. You can then click that and it’ll start up Phoenix Point, assuming there are no other issues.

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i followed your instructions but came up with this screenshot:

any suggestions?

if you are admin then press the windows button and type msconfig, press enter, then go to tools and open the Change UAC settings, move the slider the way down and try to launch the game’s exe

Hmm, some people have found it works if you right click the Exe and click “run as administrator”.
Otherwise I would suggest checking any other anti-virus software you have installed in case it deleted some files.
Lastly I would suggest checking your drivers are up to date, especially your graphics drivers.

yeah i tryed that before… It would be great if they could at least say what the bare min needed to play the game or some sort of spec that doesn’t need to be se in stone. So i can tell if its because of my pc.