Soldier level cap

Sorry for a stupid question, but is there a level cap for soldiers’ overall exp and stats? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. I am not a backer, but I am seriously interested in this game. However, if my soldiers hit level cap mid-game, I usually lose interest. No sense of progression or achievement. So this is important to me

I do believe that the cap is level 7. In BB5 progression seems to be happening quite rapidly, but it might not necessary be represebtative of the final release.
Keep in mind that leveling up isn’t the only, or even main way of progression. Research and equipment development, base building are also present in the game.

Thanks a lot. I really hope they remove the cap for the final release or make a soft sortof hard to reach cap

Yes currently soldier progression is not quite interesting. But it can also change after balancing they are currently doing. There are also some elements of soldier development missing. There should be customization, psychology and permanent disabilities of soldiers. I would wait for final release to judge how good it all will be.

Cool, tnx for the response