Soldier experience

From what I saw in recently released tutorial, you still get only 7 soldier levels. Is this like really true? I mean, why? Running around with colonels again like in Firaxis’s dumbed down xcom? I thought this was supposed to be a deeper game

Yes. Every level soldier gains points, that can be spent either purchasing skills, or upgrading basic stats. You can also spend ”global” points to further boost to solider (quite a bit like WotC faction units system works). You can multi-class soldiers and gain access to two different skill trees.

But it won’t be, unless modded by players.


I am not sure it’s a fair assessment, though as you played Beta you are more qualified to judge it then myself. It does seem to me to be a deeper game then vanilla XCOM, though not by a margin one might have hoped. Still, the depth seems to be more in systems, not necessarily with how players interact with it - which might unfortunate. Well, just couple hours away from giving it a go myself.

The higher the expectations the more likely the disappointment. I hope the game will be off to a very good first reception and Snapshot will allow the full force of gaming enthusiasts to join the effort for improvements via mods.

I’m now just waiting for the game to be available, and that thought came to my mind, how would I rate Phoenix Point if hadn’t accessed the Backer Builds, or read any preview or discussed features, or anything else? I remember thinking BB1 to be really good, and 1.0 seems to be an extension of that, so… Probably a 8.5 out of 10.

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Don’t get me wrong. It will be fine game, but far from what I expect it to be. Just like with FiraXCOM. From what I see it will be better than vanilla XCOM, but far from what X-COM was in '90. I understand that some streamlining had to be done, and it was done quite well. But some elements really lack that feeling of decision making and that there is not much management to do.