Maximum level question

Is max level still 7? Cause that’s my main gripe with the game, limited progression. Is the game better after the dlc anyway? Should I start playing despite the low level? Or should I wait for further updates, dlc, not to spoil the fun?

It is. For all other questions I won’t answer as I don’t have opinion.

Training and Soldier Progression

  • Soldiers will gain fewer Skill Points (SP) when they level up (20 down from 50) but will gain 10 SP for every successful mission.
    • This will make soldiers levelled solely with training facility less efficient then battle experienced soldiers.
  • Soldiers will continue to receive SP even at max level making maxing out a souldier possible (it will still take a lot of missions to do so).

you can add a level without great efforts (simply by modding assets). game recognizes 0 as level, I have a json somewhere in some folder…