No Ramming? Technical Difficulties?

From canny, so no ramming because of technical difficulties, it was in it in the earlier builds. In layman’s terms what’s the problem? Seems bloody silly you can’t roll over/ram worms etc.

Vehicles can ram containers in the base now. Unfortunately, some of them are explosive.

Which is no good if you want to use the vehicle as a weapon in itself torun over worms/ram. This was available in earlier builds but according to reply on a Canny topic is cannot be done now because of “Technical Difficulties”

“Technical difficulties” are your soldiers standing in the way of New Jericho vehicle. Too easy to lose a soldier if they could utilize that ability. So here balancing worked and they removed overpowered ability. :slight_smile: Of course there could still be some functionality that vehicle in normal move could hit ground units.

I think “Technical Difficulties” means it’s got a flat tyre and some ones nicked the jack!

The ramming ability always had issues, even when it was in the backer build, which is why it wasn’t present in backer build 5.

It had a lot of issues with path-finding and interaction with the environment. Unlike other large entities which can destroy terrain (like the Scylla), the vehicle doesn’t use the grid movement system when ramming (it just travels in a straight line between two points). This would sometime lead to the vehicle getting stuck or the game crashing.

It is possible that at some point down the line we may revisit this issue - but at the moment it has been decided that the ramming ability is to be abandoned.

Thanks for the answer in laymans terms! So are vehicles going to be improved/rebalanced in other ways?

I’m not aware of any immediate plans for work on vehicles (that doesn’t mean there aren’t any).