Vehicles should run over bugs

Seriously though… armoured vehicles and they can’t run over mindfraggers and myrms?

Just a thought.



Agree! Especially since they can roll over crates and dead bodies. I don’t care that they destroy the worms just let them roll over the little speed bumps.


The reason is simple, Gunny back at the base who has to clean the crap out of the tires or treads told you that if you do it, he’ll make sure none of your equipment works right on one of your deployments. You just don’t piss off Gunny.

Seriously though, I think they should be at least able to pass over them, rather than having to go around. For programming logistics, maybe you cannot end your move over them. You can make the argument that they don’t take damage because in real time, they aren’t actually standing still while you target them and they avoid getting hit.


Yes. Yes. Yes.
I mean, Dune2 did it decades ago while Gollup was still working on the original XCOM, why shouldn’t it be done now?

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