Reality Vs Game Mechanics

While it may well be “fixed” in future patches (I hope) the unrealistic limitations on vehicles to me are a symptom of the lack of balance between realism and game design. What is the point of creating a realistic ballistic model that tracks every shot while not allowing a vehicle to run over/ ram enemy units? Nerfed because it was abused? It’s just one example of the game “rules” that take away the sense of believability and immersion. There are many (to me ) lost of little niggled that put me off the game. It may sound strange but it’s too gamey and not enough realism. I can’t connect with my troops their just numbers and card cut outs to me, I don’t have the connection with them that I did with previous characters in other reincarnations of Xcom.

I can argue it’s not realist to have a slow vehicle ram a soldier, the soldier would just push back.

For soldiers attachment, the good side is it’s more compatible with roster and many death. Now for me the unpopular Anarchy DLC was one of the best XCOM DLC, because it allowed very visible customization and I don’t care “play the war” and have all soldiers looking the same as in reality.

I think it’s a good idea about vehicles has ramming ability, just how to make ram works well with the game element without ruin any balance. Let’s say vehicle going to ram from point A to B with some crab and player character in aligned straight tiles, It’s similar to Syclla rocket charge. Player need to activate the ability (I don’t know, maybe using AP/WP or any other reasonable effect) and vehicle will start action on next turn, so yea AI or player character still have time to avoid ramming vehicle ability.

*Just some rough illustration


Good point, looks like a good idea, won’t be op if AI manage it, and would allow break some covers behind or crush with luck, not a big change but if it appeals realism feeling it looks good.

What an exceedingly good idea, well done mate👍 Allows a degree of realism for vehicles without them being OP…mind you I still think vehicles should just be able to drive over fireworms at no penalty!

Worms are an important part of the design, they can’t be ignored so easily. They already nerfed Priest significantly on that, it’s not to add another op worms tool.

And this is where the balance of game mechanics clashes with realism. In a “sandbox” environment a vehicle should be able to drive over and crush these creatures.

No totally non realist, too slow vehicles, even a paralytic simple minded would dodge easily.

I think you may be confusing real world speed with turn based speed. An average wheeled apc can easily go 50kph+ A wriggling worm in front of one of them with the apc accelerating from a stop position couldn’t get out of the way, possibly between the wheels it may survive but not with evasive speed. It’s the problem of where you draw the line between game mechanics and realism. Tracking every bullet is realism but not some of the other mechanics. Edit: sorry if I misread your post, trying to get the point across😉

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And you are confusing car race and combats, such tank could not change direction to scratch a worm, and wouldn’t work in such battlefield otherwise than with a lot of stop and slowdown that is low speed as show the game

It’s no battle tanks on huge open space. And for such vehicle raming anybody in reality of combats, sources please?

+1 I agree.

Vehicles, if present, should behave like vehicles.

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They might try to, but I wouldn’t fancy their chances against an APC. :wink:

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Any tool/vehicle that preserves human life over alien life in a battleground would be used. And as this game is predominantly fantasy anything goes. There are a number of incidents noted in books and reports from recent conflicts of vehicles used to ram barricades and the defenders of said barricades. In WW2 there are reports from open battlefields and urban fighting of armoured vehicles grinding over fighting positions with the enemy still in them. And as it’s fantasy…Ripley in the APC running over Aliens while escaping from the Atmosphere Processor, narrow confines at low speed.

Barricade not any dog or human, you are saying there’s cases, ok but:

Not one is a human or he is believing the tank driver will never do it, war cases? Where? It’s very rare and I don’t see any explanation for the reason that 50kmh is straight forward, not targeted, open space. That’s not game context, I want see that in a town context, humans and dogs enough stupid and slow so it happens.

But yeah it could be a basic trick for adaptation, first aliens are naive and let crush a few units, and after not anymore never ever.

An awful story but

It does sadly prove a point.

Sure but not your point, not war, someone that believe someone else will never do it.