No 'Living Weapon' DLC when starting PP without EGS or offline

When I run PP directly from the install folder or by EGS in offline mode the Living Weapon DLC is not where it should be by starting a new campaign (the Blood and Titanium DLC is there and selectable).
If I start online through EGS the DLC is there and I can select it for a new campaign.

Because I’m out of nowhere in the next week without any internet connection but have enough time I want to play a new PP play-through after a longer break.
As a workaround I will start a campaign with the Living Weapon DLC from home before I leave and hopefully the save will also work offline with all the stuff of this DLC.

yes it works like that. Living weapon DLC needs connection to internet to let you enable it, maybe when it will be more available to the public it will be permanently linked to your account without need to check it online.

But it is available to the public, everyone can buy it in the EGS for a low price. Because I’m no backer I personally do exactly that yesterday and to be honest, for me it is a bug that I can’t enable it without being online on EGS.

Here a screenie from EGS:

EGS PP Living Weapons

If I remember correctly that’s been an issue with DLCs, no? I think once you start campaign with DLCs it will be fine.

Not generally, Blood and Titanium is there and selectable even if I start completely offline and from the install folder.

I hope so :slight_smile: