Living Weapons content not present

I’ve sent an F12 notice about this.
I’ve started a playthrough on Legend.
The living weapons DLC checbox was not visible and the missions have not shown up.

I own all of the DLC and this is the first time that I’ve noticed the living weapons DLC not appearing in the side pane when starting a new camp.

Have you start the game with the Epic Game Launcher?
The Living Weapon Pack is only available when the game is starting with the Epic launcher and also only if you’re online.

This is only true for this special Living Weapon DLC, ‘Blood and Titanium’ is also available if you start the game without the Epic launcher.
I hope this will be solved by snapshot in the future … (@Valygar?)

I reported this already here in this forum:

I start the game from a short cut on the desktop.
I didn’t change the path - so I assume it’s using the EGS.

I did exit the game and started a new campaign and it shows up now.

I’m fairly certain my internet connection was active each time.