Living Gun Pack?

So How exactly do you get these deluxe items? and also I know theres the chitin armor pack but I can only activate the living gun pack, is it bundled into that one pack or should I have a chitin armor pack as well to activate in the new game screen?


I second this question - I put my gameplay on pause, because I expected some stabilization, game balance and bug fixing to occur - but let us know how these types of add-ons work - if they are additional plot / story elements in the Geoscape, that’s all I need to know (from my perspective at least)


They are bundled into one DLC, so if you activate it in a new game, they’ll be in the game. In Game they are behind research and I’ve heard behind story missions

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I wrote this on another post asking the same question.
I got the living weapon quest line whilst flying over north eastern syberia.
Either it is random, or you try flying to siberia NE.

But it is a questline, once activated

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I’m 15h in and have nothing like a Quest…
And all research which does not involve capture enemy’s alive is done…

Maybe the DLC was not “ready” as I initial started my first Playthrough, as I can select in on a new Game but this selection was not there on my first Start…

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If you are trying to start a new game when playing the game from the folder, it will not appear. It appears when starting a new game while playing from the EGS.

explained in here:


I am a backer from back in 2017. My Epic Launcher has 2 entries for PP: Phoenix Point (5 DLC) and Phoenix Point Content (2 DLCS).

But I don’t see the living weapons mentioned anywhere. How do I know if I got the content unlocked correctly?

When you launch the game from Epic and start a new game, you’ll see the Living Weapons DLC in the DLC section

Ok, I’ve definitely never seen it say Living Weapons DLC, I just have a list of 3 DLC that are “Coming Soon”. I guess I’ll submit a bug report.

It needs to be from the EGS and not the folder. UV explains in here

So how do you start this quest line so you can research them?

Cop out answer: Find the Point of Interest on the geoscape that is associated with the gear.

Beyond that, I do not know.

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Ok thx, so its just luck if you get the location. Thx for quick reply.

Again a mechanic I really dislike… as I’m amazing unlucky in Games.
I started at the edge of South America, my Story Missions are up in Canada.
My Missions for the Anu are around England.
My Mission for the Synblabla guys is in India.
The point for the DLC stuff? No clue.

Realized this after 15h of Gameplay… just broken. I cannot get above 24% status with any Faction… bullshit “RNG” mechanics ruin the Game.

totally not related to the question above, but im surprised no one else responded, you have to go to “dipolomacy” and do their quest to get above, the loading screens often mentioned this aspect. tho be warned you still might take a few hundred more hours possibly to locate the missions ccause they are on the farrrrrrr side of the globe.

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I EXACTLY know where the missions are. But they are unreachable without 15 Area Scans for Anu and 20+ for Syn’s, NJ is -30% at the moment as I stole 3 of their Aircrafts.

THIS is something which never should happen… the Game randomize “Core” Missions (like the DLC one) so far out of your reach, that you simply cannot do them.
IF I start moving over there, this would mean that I must sacrifice my current region. I have 2 Squads which I can Field and ONE would be 100% gone on exploration for weeks… just to reach the missions, but with 1 Squad I cannot defend the Havens so they would drop one after the other.

“Core” Missions like the 24% Diplo things should “spawn” around 3 Area Scans MAX away from your current known regions. Everything else is just bullshit.

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agreed. luckily ONE of the three factions was sorta close, so i cleared that and used its havens to get to other two. tbh if what youre describing happens, i would just restart, or disregard factions until you get there, without making it your prority. tho reaching faction level 2 helps with the area scans a lottt

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Yeah but as I found all three of them in my first Area-Scan I decided on Syn’s as Friends, Anu as “neutral” and NJ as Enemy… and start raiding/stealing NJ stuff. At the point I reached 24% with the other Factions and realizing that the Missions are THAT far away… I still thought to myself “I kill EVERYTHING at this point… no need to rush this missions” and than the Crabby’s Thanossnapped and Armored up massivly… now I stopped playing the game complete until the DLCs are all out… even if it takes half a year… as its no fun this way :frowning:

yah sorry that happened, my friend, i suggest either restart or savescum your way until you arent outgunned. or save for a vhecivhle and hunker down in it, drive up to enemy and then hit and run back into vhechile too.

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This DLC is very tidious. I secured 2 ancient sites, sent 2 manned aircrafts to collect exotic resources, build 2 archaeology labs to speed collection speeds up, collected 824 Orichalcum + 279 Living Crystals to no avail - several of the living weapons show up the required resources NOT in red but the options to make them are greyed out with “You do not have the required ancient processing site!”. This implies there are 5 missions per exotic resource to be completed, namely, (1) discover the resource site (2) secure the resource site (3) discover its specific processing site (4) secure the processing site (5) process the collected ancient resource.