NJ diplomacy mission - can't complete

In the NJ diplomacy mission where you have to rescue a scientist from a Synedrion facility, I can’t satisfy the game and progress to the next mission.

On every attempt, the scientist lives. I have tried three approaches:

  1. Kill all enemies and let the mission end.
  2. Kill all enemies except 1, then evacuate the scientist. Then kill the remaining enemy.
  3. Evacuate the scientist and all PP soldiers while enemies remain.

The mission outcome always states that it wasn’t successful, whatever happens, and I can’t progress.

PS If I recall correctly, the scientist has taken damage, but been healed with a medkit on each mission.

@ZeeraCamay that last option should work. I was livid on my second play through when I killed all the enemies and it was declared a defeat :rage:

So livid that I used the command console to “win” the battle. That works too :wink:

Ta, but I omitted to mention that I also tried ‘win’ as a last resort - and that didn’t work either. :frowning:

@ZeeraCamay OK, that’s seriously weird! You seem to have a particularly buggy play thorough :roll_eyes:

I wonder what’s different? :thinking:

Have you tried doing some other missions in the mean time and coming back to this one layer? That works with another rate bug so it might be worth a go.

Tbh this was a while back, and in the same play through, I went to on end the game (in defeat). I’ve since probably deleted the save so I can’t test this.

What I ended up doing was was switching my pursuit of alliance a further two times; there was some issue with progression with Synedrion (which I now can’t remember - doh), and by the time I was on my way with Anu, time was up and everything had gone to hell on a segway.

Thanks for the input, anyway.

you just have to move all soldier including the scientist to the evac zone and evacute. You may kill some of the enemies but you must not kill them all. Otherwise it will end as loose.

Only this way you will accomplish the mission

Thanks. I did already try this unsuccessfully, as said. However, there was only one enemy remaining (and injured at that), so perhaps it requires more enemies to remain, or be uninjured.