Another major bug :-(

It is not possible to load any savegame in the last NJ diplomatic Mission “startcodes” (in german). Just created a savegame At the beginning of the First round. Not possible to load it.

Very frustrating espacially as the enemies shot the Agent in the First or second round or from the other side of the map. Which means: Mission lost! A real frustrating challenge without saving.

I make also a F12 Report. :frowning:

Stopp playing or make several tries… i dont know At the Moment. I dont Think this will be patched in the next days.

I usually move the VIP (Ravi Chaudri ?) at the back of the building on the right so he doesn’t get sniped (he hugs the wall). Never had him get shot at.
I also put an assault or two (iconoclast) in the room just in front to overwatch anyone coming from inside the building.
I then move them through the building (so no sniper threat), while the rest snipes, bashes, grenades, rockets the opposition.

Snipers are the biggest threat, so get inside a building, they don’t shoot through glass.

Of course, that doesn’t solve your bug …

Yeah i try a new Run. Was just frustated before i wrote because an assault shot the VIP over the whole map.

But the Bug must be solved