Bug with diplomacy mission

Got the disciples of anu first mission - at 25% rep. Both times got my ass kicked so reloaded, and it automatically completed although it gave me no xp and rewards were limited to the official completion award (I don’t know what else you get if anything).

This is clearly a bug though - unless the devs put it in so you could easily see the next stages?

I myself have had a number of problems with diplomatic missions.

  1. On the New Jericho Mission it ended the mission but I was unable to get back to geoscape. (Pre-patch game)
  2. I completed the Synedrion diplo mission (Gene Seed) but it never disapeared from my map (current game).

Any help or patching would be greatly appreciated. I’m glad things have come this far.

EDIT: Come to think of it I have tutorial enabled. Maybe that causes issues. Just an extra piece of info to help.