No NJ Second Phase Mission

I get the Second Phase event for NJ, but at end of dialog, got no mission, nothing at left, nothing I can find on global map. It’s already a bug but is it normal if I’m Aligned with another faction? Any wat to avoid the bug?

Being allied or aligned with another faction shouldn’t stop it from giving you the chance to do the missions. I’ve had a game where i hit aligned with Synedrion and Anu before even finding NJ on the map. Did your relations take a sudden dip right when you should have been given the mission? If so maybe another event can bring it back up and trigger it… if that didn’t happen gotta be a bug.

Thank you I wasn’t sure, I reported the bug through the game. As usual I got the event when reaching 49% but no mission. It was a Haven defense that brought the relationship at this level. I loaded back redid the mission, same result.

I wonder if the game will see the problem and trigger again the event and this time the mission. I suppose I’ll rely on stealing. I wanted try the NJ plane but after all after to have check I don’t care too slow, I’ll stick to pairs of Helios. I’m pretty sure there’s plenty tech I’d like have but at least I have many base stuff with recruits at Easy. It’s bothering but not a big deal, I’m more annoyed to not have the mission, Again into the maze.

I was allied with all 3 in one game. So yea this seems to be yet another bug.

Helios beats everything anyways, unfortunately. There is no real choice.

My opinion too, but only by using two planes, 5 soldiers is a bit short for me. The big (cool looking) should have been quite faster. In general factions stuff improve original PP stuff but not for planes.

I also wanted a larger scan, there’s an island I can’t scan. Ha well.

You can send two planes at a time though and deploy up to 8 guys of your choice out of the 10, and they move faster than the PP brand planes. I’d been debating going that route in my current game but the plane setup is a bit annoying… hitting tab seems to randomly select which craft to send out. I’m a bit OCD… i’d want to have mine in pairs of 1 & 2, 3 &4 and so forth for sending on missions. But when quickly tabbing through in random order i end up sending the wrong plane halfway around the world… There is a dropdown menu to select and order them by, but its a bit cumbersome.

I was meaning in general PP planes aren’t out matched by factions unlike for other stuff. But I consider Helios superior in a way.

I have no OCD problem, I organize them in pair as you quote, but the UI has various problems:

  • The auto unpause not clean that can make difficult to manage pair.
  • The plane menu doesn’t update the planes list from next/tab. It’s a problem because when you have too many planes even if the menu isn’t handy it allows jump into the list but not really as the order isn’t updated.
  • Select manually change the current select in list, but there’s various problems with that, overlapse, selection impossible if the globe isn’t enough centered on your target, some more.

But I go over it since long, so pair of Helios will be fine for me. The negative is opportunity split will be hard, when it’s possible with pp plane.