[Nice to have] Trivia about haven location

I guess that the points on the map are closely related to real cities around the globe.
It would be nice to have a little description for every haven, phoenix base, scavenging site, mission giving some trivia about the location. Nice to progress geography as you play :wink:.


  • Phoenix base - Monte Velino in L’Aquila, Italy
  • New Jericho - Fort Freiheit - outskirts of Paris, France
  • Scavenging site - New York, USA

This of course is only valid if points on the map have a fixed location. And yes, it would take a lot of time for all those points :wink:.

The advantage with Firaxis XCOM is that they only bothered to put a few locations per region, so it was quicker.

So, nice to have

Locations are semi-random right now, except some fixed places for PP bases (from which engine chooses current game locations), but their names are completely random I think so you can have Fort Freiheit in any NJ base no matter if it is Australia, Greenland or Kilimanjaro. They should fix this as Fort Freiheit was in mountain ranges in southern California.

Yes, the havens, scavenging sites, …, are randomly placed. But if the locations stay the same it is still doable.

Instead of “New Jericho - Fort Freiheit - outskirts of Paris, France”, you get “Scavenging site - outskirts of Paris, France” in an other playthrough.

Anyway, just an idea I had like that which is not important. Just nice to help players with geography.

Although that would be a nice little touch of history, it IMO doesn’t fit with the narrative of the game.

All the old world cities and such have been destroyed and abandoned. Certainly some knowledge of them would remain, but I think there IS some old-world references around currently.