Places from lore recreated in the game

I wonder if you consider creating other places like Fort Freiheit described in the lore, particularly:

  1. Firebird Initiative research lab in Moscow,
  2. station from Semper Fidelis on Antarctica,
  3. strange island from Tomb of the Phoenix,
  4. mission on the Moon
  5. old castle from Soulstealing
  6. Jacobs’ Time Vault
  7. caves from both Depths of Civilizaiton stories
  8. some ancient tombs related to Nergal or Gilgamesh
  9. safepoints in Athens (or somewhere else)
  10. shack of viking Grandfather

I don’t want to know if there will be any of them (so not to spoil something from the game), but if you consider including them in Phoenix Point or other game from this universe? :slight_smile:


My first thought whilst reading the briefings was that these locales would appear as places of importance in the game.

I already feel slightly at home in Fort Freiheit, and so it would be a welcome addition to explore the areas we have read about.

However, it must be hard for the writers not to reveal too much when they know we have to explore and investigate for ourselves when we arrive at these locations.


I’m not sure if everything should be in there. The strange island would make for a wonky level, given the mutants there are supposed to be cut off from the others.

If the vault isn’t something you can find, I’ll be sort of annoyed. I need to know what’s in them books!


Fort Bacon has to be in the game!


I will also be very disappointed if Forty McFortface doesn’t make an appearance! That one’s my favorite :joy:


Damn I hope at least for 3, 4, 6, 7 from my list. And your forts could also be there.

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