Next patch wishes

Blockquote Strongly disagree unless the devs can come with something that defies my expectations as to what will most likely come out of it. Very long turns watching the “allies” bizarre behavior and the player having to work around them. Has this ever worked mildly well in any turn based game? The best I have seen so far is Xcom2 and the best that can be said about it is that it kinda works because the rules of the game are adjusted to their capacity.

It would remain to be seen how well it can be implemented, I’ll give you that. Perhaps they aren’t AI-controlled and we just get temporary faction units to control ourselves for the duration of the battle? The number of which could be tied to the attack severity level.

EDIT: Sorry VOLAND I don’t know how to accredit the blockquote to you lol.

I agree with all the above in terms of making the bugs and some balance the focus of the next patch but for me please give us custom loadouts for soldiers.

I think the option would be best used when starting a mission and organising equipment. It would look at stores first then other soliders not on that ship/mission and apply the gear to your soldiers.

this would be a massive help to save constantly scrolling through a huge roster

It would be nice to be able to mind-control them myself.
Also, make it possible to mind control a mind controlled soldier. If it’s one of your soldiers, then he can play normally and you don’t have to shoot the Siren’s head.

Never tried to mind-control a soldier being mindfragged to see if you can control him. I need to find a volunteer for mindfragger hugging tonight.

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You select the text and click the “Quote” button that appears.

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Thanks, I’d never noticed that before!

Actually that could be fun. Maybe once you are aligned or allied with the faction? So that the novelty doesn’t outstay its welcome?

BTW, the way I imagine it, what happens during the haven defense is that PP gets assigned the critical spot. The defenders are still there, all around you, doing all sorts of bizzare s***, you just don’t see it because it’s beyond the edges of your screen :wink:

That’s a fair way of headcannoning it, I admit it makes the pill of the missing soldiers easier to swallow lol, I still imagine that would be going on regardless though, but you’d think they’d have a few of their own backing us up at the critical areas (also keeping an eye on us… we could always double cross them and help destroy the haven for all they know, after all :wink: ).

A bit of useless information. as I remember every xcom like game, on, or shortly after release, had the ‘freeze on AI turn’ bug. It’s seems to the one bug none of them escaped.

This is a repeat of my earlier post in the other thread on this subject:

FIX OP SQUAD SKILLS – OP Skills should have either cooldowns or turn limits set on them. If the devs don’t want to do that, they should have a significantly higher WP cost (and imho an exponentially rising cost for every subsequent use in a turn). At a bare minimum, the devs should nerf any skill or combo of skills that enables players to end a mission on Turn 1.

FIX THE DDA – At the same time as the above, the DDA needs a significant rebalance. I personally would limit the number of Sirens/Chirons per mission based on the player’s chosen Difficulty Lvl, and the DDA should take into account the number of Restarts a player has made. If the devs can’t or don’t want to do that, then the number & strength of Crabbies etc per mission added by the DDA /RNG (whichever is the real culprit) should be effectively halved – that would slow down the difficulty spike so that it only gets insane by the time your Squad has reached Lvl 7.

As a side note, I have never experienced the insane Crabbie numbers that other players report. The most I have ever counted on a mission is 12+, with a max of 4 Sirens turning up one-by-one. I personally believe that it’s because I very rarely Restart and accept my losses as they come. As an example, I am currently staging a tactical withdrawal from a Lair Mission that has gone south, rather than Restarting and trying again. This will register as a ‘loss with casualties’ on the DDA, rather than a ‘win’. I’m sure that’s why the game hasn’t adjusted itself to overwhelm my artificially outstanding play.

Bizarrely, I think introducing an Ironman mode might actually fix this for many players, as in Ironman you can’t Restart or save scum, so your ability level isn’t artificially boosted. That ain’t gonna happen until the game-breaking bugs are fixed, however.

It’s ridiculous that as things stand it’s more efficient to leave your Squad training in the gym than have them gain experience in the field. I’d halve the XP benefit of Training Rooms. That way, if you want to spend resources building a dedicated Training Centre you still can, but giving your Squaddies experience in the field actually counts for something.
And before anyone says: ‘but this game’s so punishing, you have to be able to train up your new recruits to replace casualties,’ see above. I know that: that’s why you have to fix the effing DDA first! (Excuse the rant, but I’m getting tired of people arguing against sensible balancing on the grounds that the game’s not balanced. We get it! That’s why we keep calling for a sensible rebalance).

Simple fix: double the HP and payout of all barrels on Scavenging Missions. That way some will survive long enough for you to get there and protect them, and the Resources they give you will make it worth the effort.

As a corollary to the above, make trading with Havens less lucrative, so that you need Scavenging missions more. I suggest keeping it as it is on Easy Mode, but halving it, then halving it again on Veteran/Heroic; then reversing the Heroic payout for Legendary. And yes, I know that means to succeed on Legendary, you will have to play like a f!*£ing Legend – the clue is in the name.

This is a long-term fix as I think it will take some work. See my Evolution Thread for more details and discussion.

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What is the phantom difficulty spike?

Please… above all other things… change the way the dynamic difficulty ramps up due to successful (clean) missions, causing a player to actively need to deliberately get their characters needlessly killed or badly injured, or to actively try to semi-fail missions just to reverse artificial difficulty increases.

If they don’t fix this, people will abandon this game. Heck, I love this genre, but I am already finding this one thing so annoying (and therefore avoiding doing scavenger missions just because I don’t want to contribute to difficulty ramp), and the desire to play in an evening is already falling after just a couple of weeks (…whilst XCOM-2 still has my attention after all these years)…

Also make it possible to mind control a mindcontroller. Of course all the troops under his mind control must change sides together with the one controlling them. That could make a nice reversi-style gameplay! :laughing:

Wishes, wishes …
From next patch I expect 3 things:

  1. Fix the return fire kills enemy = enemy turn never ends bug
  2. Fix lairs without spawnery bug
  3. Not to introduce new bug
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  • Give abit bigger icon or more visible for each PP’s base, so they are easy to find or add base ‘search’ feature in geoscope may come handy.
  • Add territory/landscape/region name in geoscape, make geoscape more informative.
  • Custom keybinding.
  • Add more information for weapon compatibility-prerequisite.
  • Add symbol for each faction in their portrait at diplomacy tab.

Typically people are referring to the DDA (Dynamic Difficulty Algorithm), which governs the strength of a given Pandoran unit. In practise, all it does at the moment is add HP and armour (to ridiculous levels) if you play well or save scum, and reverses the process if you don’t. Mostly, people are vocal here about finding it boring/hard/uninspired/all of the above.

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arthron machine guns costing at least 3 action points to use instead of 2 those things are way to brutal for the damn things to be able to be shot twice a turn


I think the HP is ok, the armour gets pretty thick. The problem with that is it forces you in armour piercing as an optimal tech. I think the DDA could work well if there were different branches of evolution.

Does the game really get harder if you save scum?!?

Yup, agree completely! And well, it depends why exactly you’re scumming, but one would presume that it’s to reattempt a failed mission or prevent a soldier death or something like that, so if you’re reversing these failure events out of time then the game thinks you’re just acing everything in one attempt.

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Oh gee. This will be a long thread. Keep it coming guys. ;D

Fix bugs:

  • return fire freeze
  • wall-stuck mindfraggers and worms
  • base automatically turning off some rooms, I just lost all my captured pandas because some janitor decided to turn off containment and living quarters


  • Stealth, it’s just plainly OP on level 7. Even sooner if there are no Chirons on map.
  • broken combos, they make battles ridiculously easy even on Legend (looking at you Rapid Clearance/Dash and Sniper+Rage Burst).
  • Citadel<Nest<Lair difficulty (now it goes from easiest to hardest like that) even without Rage Burst or Sneak Attack I manage to kill off Scyllas on 2nd turn… on Legend… WITH PISTOLS!!! (Quick Aim makes them 0 AP).

That is true only for New Jericho tech tree. Synedrion has Athena sniper rifle which completely ignors armour. And Disciples of Anu have their Mind Control and Mind Crush abilities.