BB5 feedback + suggestions

Hi guys,
very nice BB5, played alot, loved much. Biggest issues so far: loading a save stucks and no progress upon enemy turn. Hoping for the next hotfix to continue to test the game.
Would be really nice to gather the corpses and enemy weapons / armor to research and put to use or sell for the resources, as it was in XCOM1.
Generally, played XCOM 1 a year ago and it was great, simply great, apart of graphics of course.
Some suggestions for the future to expand this series is to add air combat (might be as a real time flight sim, would be nice for those with a sim band or auto as it was in XCOM1), underwater missions, capturing / boarding enemy ships (they had to come to the planet somehow, didn’t they…) learn their technology and build our own. After freeing the planet expand to the solar system and so on, same way as galactic civilizations, master of orion and such, but here we have strategic tactical fights and this is great, this is much better than the other games. Real time fighting or turn based (a gamer choice), controlling any ship as X4 foundations and capturing planets. Not all aliens must be villains, some might ask for our help, others would gladly join and trade. Such game would be legend. Not everything must come in a year, expansions may follow, every 1 can choose how to upgrade the game.
Thank you and good luck !
Great to see you on the nice track !

Well, you need to read the lore to have some of your questions answered (or look at Youtube “Retcon Raider”'s excellent videos about the lore). Basically, the pandoravirus (not crabmen, tritons, … name it) came to earth on a part of an asteroïd that detached itself from a comet (I don’t remember clearly, but something like that).
So I seriously doubt that this will transform into an intergalactic strategy game.

Doesn’t matter, what was created by humans will be changed by humans. Expansions can have different narrative of the game. One goes where the mood takes.