[BB5] Wishes, Game mechanics, Animation, Bugs

I am writing this for game developers and I really hope that you will read it. I just like you hope that you will create the best game that will be remembered for a long time, will be revolutionary and will be an example that sets the bar for quality in the gaming industry.

  • Wishes: There is a wish that as well as in classical X-Com there were air fights. You can make that Nest will be transported as spores in the air, and to transfer them flying uterus filled with creatures. Knocking down such a uterus can prevent the emergence of a new nest. And we can send operatives to the crash site. That would be really cool!
  • Animation:
    Crabmen you did perfectly, it is clear that their creation worked for a very long time! Just as great that can shoot off their limbs, it would be cool to do the same with humans and other creatures!
    But our fighters in comparison with them look sad: very monotonous animation for different actions, unrealistic movements for special moves, swings heavy weapons, holding a heavy hammer with one hand, the action of the injector - strike! (You seriously!) Guys you claim that you want to create a better game! Look at Fallout (1997- it’s been 12 years, where progress in the game industry!?), there is a different animation for each action, animation kills, animation shooting from different weapons, grenades explosion - all that should be in you game!
  • Game mechanics:
    As can be in a cave use Jet Jump and Launch Grenade!? Where your logic, there same ceiling!?
    The destruction of weapons by the explosion of a grenade-what nonsense!? Why not a shell shock and skipping a move, get hit by a blast wave and falling? Or did gun jammed.
    Only 7 levels of development of fighters, and you speak about their personification?
    On my view tree development characters should be more and more diverse, perks can be done weaker.
    Unit classes: currently can play only the storm troopers, other classes - complete garbage.
  • Bugs:
    Disappear rounds from weapons in the early mission.
    In the production of rounds, the manufacturing progress is reset.
    Rounds disappear when misfiring (6 rounds from an assault rifle cannot disappear when misfiring).

:joy: Can’t imagine how the graphics artist is gonna make that look like, but i think it would be worthwhile launching missiles at it

If it helps, i second the idea for aerial tactics. If it’s too much to implement in this release something like this would be a nice addition in a later stage.