New Roadmap and funding

This may be foolish to suggest… but with patches and continued evolution mapped in feedback tool, I trust in Snapshot.

There has been mention of future plans beyond currently known DLC.

If you set up a payment system (“crowdfunding” mishaps make any associations trigger negative associations due to failed products…) or something tied to a future roadmap w/ huge juicy dope milestones (knowing many in community expect core fixes outlined in feedback tool addressed, and limited feature creap… but let’s think big)… I’ll chalk up some disposable income to support this dev team (especially with a single dude cranking out awesome -yes subjective- new music on the dl still).

Let’s get this mist party cranking!!!

I believe. This foundation is already bad ass and honestly after playing some Gears Tactics, it is very pretty but - just misses something this game has.

I’m done with this foolish rant. Big social distancing hugs. Be safe on this tieline w/ our real world plague thing happening.