Backer build 1.2 is much more playable

I just played the update to the backer build and it feels a lot better than the first one. The free aiming system actually feels fairly consistent and as a result the game isn’t as hard. Still enough of a challenge but it feels possible. I don’t know if fog of war was added but i didn’t have any issues with enemies locking on from across the map and swarming. All that with the addition of potato mode made it an experience that i would say was worth paying for the backer build. Definitively not perfect or complete feeling but actually fun now.

All around a great improvement and I can’t wait to play more, good job Dev team.

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What does it mean potato in graphic settings? Anyway it looks running better

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I’m personally really happy to see the improvements to the AI, and impressed that they’ve been able to improve on it so soon after the last build. The fact the gunners shoot at the heavy now means that you need to actually be somewhat careful with him now.

Also, the corpses drop their stuff now, which is a major quality of life improvement in the rougher playthoughs.

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great performance improvement, still ways to go, but much better than the first one.

@Cla666 it means that the graphics have been simplified that it can run on a potato computer

I can just about run the game now on potato settings, not smoothly but enough to test the gameplay.

The animated action bits were still laggy and the dynamic camera was all over the place in between turns. I was able to get a sense of the mechanics though.

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Its an old joke/meme = minimal settings so low that even a potato n coconuts machine can run it. ;0

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I am impressed the game actually runs on the low low end GPU (GT630M). Okay, the “potato” graphics are quite basic and camera movement a bit more choppy than in (used as comparison) FXCom1 - but very playable at this stage.
Looks like I don’t need to buy a gaming laptop to enjoy the backer build right now :] Thanks!

Just tried it out on my laptop and it works as well. Would be awesome if this could somehow be kept playable with later builds (though i can imagine stuff like the mist being graphic intensive)