Keep up the good work

I know the devs must mostly see reports and criticisms here (which is good, generally speaking!) so I just wanted to make a “useless” post to say thanks and keep up the good work. I fell hard for Phoenix Point late last year, and while I haven’t found the time to come back (haven’t even tried the first DLC mechanics!), I am really looking forward to the new DLC. I’ve been keeping up with the patch notes and it looks like I’m going to have a completely different experience in my new campaign, and am quite excited to try all the changes in the near future.

Really, I haven’t fallen as hard for a tactics game since XCOM 2 (Chimera Squad was… ok I guess?), which is why I can’t just play PP all the time, lol - I have to prepare to be absorbed. I love how the game is changing quite a lot even these many months later, which to me speaks very well of how the devs are listening to the community. I’m sure that by the same time next year we’re going to be playing an absolute beast of a game, so thanks!