New fancy tournament recruiting players!

Howdy - Iod here, and I’d like in!

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Got you up, guys, godspeed!

Am in twice as no 10 and no 12?

Yes? Isn’t what you asked for? Measure twice, cut once!

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lol. just once is enough thank you.

We don’t want to start a clone war


GlasMasv. Now to pick a build…

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Welcome well unknown GlasMasv, is a delight to have you with us!

Greetings fellow Wizards! Is it too late to register for the epic Tournament ? :slight_smile:

very sorry, Kharas, i just spent an hour putting the first round together, too late to modify. Can I put you down as a substitute in case someone drops out?

Yep that’s fine thank you Aka :slight_smile:

@kharas I’m really sorry, my friend, but at this point there’s no return to pick you up, my apologies :slightly_smiling_face:

The tourney has begun! Please read the thread and, if you are listed at the top of the fixtures, set your games up: Cheeky Gnomes Restless World Cup 2018

What do we do if some people haven’t even started the games they were supposed to?

You can create one and invite to in appropriate order, I think, this is what I’m about to do!

I’ve invited you Bluddy to the first one on the list.