Bugs Bugs Bugs... Here is my list

I’ll be refunding the game after this post and wait till the game is in a much better state.

Bugs I’ve encounter in the small amount of time I’ve played on the hardest difficulty.

-Starting round with one bullet in mag. (Happened twice)
-sightlines not accurate thus wasting turns (All the time)
-mesh of some objects break in aim mode and obscure vision (Quite often, I’ve noticed barrels do this for sure)
-grenades will do absolutely nothing. Will not destroy terrain, damage enemies, make a noise, have an effect, and just does nothing. (Three times)
-rooftop shooting still not fixed (lmao)
-enemies sometimes do nothing
-crab AI easy to break
-human enemies are absolutely suicidal and will bum rush you in the open but creatures will take cover and retreat… (wtf?)
-sometimes scanning an area does nothing
-sometimes overwatch doesn’t work

-Jetpack snipers make the game trivial
-Bashing is OP
-grenades are very underpowered when they work
-creature with the grenade arm are too powerful. The can wipe a team in one turn with two grenade shots in a row. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were not a common enemy.
-Being in high spots you can break the AI by just overwatching the entire roof.
-Why is return fire a thing?
-overall ‘flow’ of the game just doesn’t feel right. I think its the willpower system that really drags it.


Terrible in some maps for some reason, low as 20fps.
Sapphire Nitro + Vega 64
Ryzen 5 3600
This games graphics do not warrant this poor performance. Hell Red Dead 2 on ultra settings runs better than this.

Not trying to bash this game as I love XCOM but in its current state the game is worth maybe $25.
Good Luck.

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The game was built with the Unity-fart-engine, so showing a picture of a smiley will cook your computer with a fps of -1.
In general it takes developers who use the Unity-fart-machine at least 12 months to a couple of years to optimize their game to acceptable levels. Good news, it will get better over time.

Try lowering textures from ultra to very high and leave the rest on ultra preset. It worked very well for me.

These are the bugs I noticed.

  1. This bug migrated from XCOM, if you click on the keyboard at the beginning of the turn (it doesn’t matter, the choice of characters or just scrolling the camera), then the move ends automatically, although you really didn’t manage to do anything yet. It is necessary to reboot sometimes. It really pisses me off.
  2. Too few cells for autosave, or rather, it is only one. Please increase to 5, otherwise it turns out hardcore. I screwed it up somewhere, and everything, start all over again.
  3. A cheat mob that spits worms. He simply throws them all over the map over and over again and you don’t have time to fight off the mobs properly, but also manage to fight off worms. Make him have at least worms ending (like a rocket’s armored car).

Use manual save.

It has limit of shots.


I fought off mobs on the map for 30 minutes, and this block from the end of the map shot worms every turn. Something was not visible that he had some kind of limit there.

Unless they changed it, Chirons had only 3 or 4 shots.

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They’re slow: keep moving. Grenade them when they clump.

c’mon this is dumb, i just fight a main quest with 3 chiron mortar, they one shot a soldier at a time the fight last 2 turn, the mortar variant shoot too accurate to be a mortar it’s an orbital strike with laser beacon. Question, it is possible to resist mind control from sirens?

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if you have Disciple’s Priest or Berserker it is. Or if you will somehow drop her Will Points and your soldiers will have enough WP on their own.

so the answer is no or i have an immunity or the siren must have not enough will point to spam the attack. This suck to be honest. this kind of stuff should be manage by rng+modifiers.

Disable the Siren’s head and her WP drops a lot. Disable her arms and you slow her down. If one starts getting close, back up and do what your can to stay out of LOS.

I’m toying with the idea of having an assault soldier drop his weapon first and then putting him out there to see if she’ll try to control him as a last resort.

hitting with a berserker in melee weapon a screamer sentinel? (the one with 3 proto-humans melted together) after the destruction of the sentinel my character was unable to move in any tile and the sentinel was preparing her skill.

Have you tried warcry? I have used the tactic of sending in a unarmed squaddie in the original UFO-enemy unknown, and it works.

graphics set to “high” preset. here is a glitch on macOS i have: water or other reflective surfaces look like this:


another thing is that i have very low FPS on those “Modern city” maps with those futuristic buildings.

the problem is amount of armour on Sirens head. I still have only basic PP weapons and there is no way to disable a single siren’s head within a single round… and you usually have two of them :confused:

Faced one more bug. During the mission of the followers of Anu “Attack on the Palace”, after the destruction of the guards, the gates seemed to open, but the Exalted cannot pass. Like an invisible object in the middle. The rest can go around the edge. But the sublime takes 4 cells, and stupidly does not pass.

The second point, who figured out how to dissolve the soldiers? How to dissolve transport to create another? I didn’t understand.

If you have a priest, they can frenzy your soldiers and give them immunity to panic. I went along a good while not realizing this valuable skill.

Sniper with Quick Time :slight_smile:

Aaaand? how many snipers you can bring for a mission?:smiley: