Initial Impressions

Love the new overwatch mechanic, but I think I’ve fired zero times with it. Haven’t had a fireworm thing go off yet… not looking forward to that. Really dig the revamped equipment screen, except that I miss being able to customize the names. Love the advancement mechanic for the personnel.

Only completed a single scavenging mission. It’s funny when the bad guys are spending actions attacking the loot. Better the crate than me, especially if I can salvage the crate.

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I like the new overwatch system. It makes overwatch more tactical, and prevents both turtling and far away enemies moving first and soaking up all the shots and a massively reduced chance.

So everyone’s playing? :slightly_smiling_face: I downloaded yesterday 5 minutes after release, but my kid get in the way… Those newborn babies are really absorbing. :frowning: I have just checked if it launches into main menu and I went sleep. But today I should get some new impressions. :wink:

Same as me… Got some spare hours today, see if can use them to play something…

it sweet dude much cooler

except they destroy your resources!

I played five missions, two scavenging missions and three haven defense. Everything works fine, but I have two remarks :

  • Protect civilians objective can be very very hard, in my second mission aliens killed 6 of 8 civilians in two turns
  • Text when alien are touched are very hard to read, pale color and display time too short :
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Thoroughly enjoying it so far, but a fireworm on the first misson, KIA Billy Quinn on the second turn😢 But…saved all the crates! All I can say is “check those corners” and wear flame proof underwear😉

Is the new energy system deliberate or a glitch?
I liked the block system. Not sure how it works now.

Agreed fully!

Agree with, text, even with my glasses on is a pain to read and display time for it way too short.

I miss the little weapon switcher that was on the right side in BB3. That or I’m just lost. I hope there will be a tutorial series on YT ! For us NOOBS! I must admit it’s more complex than I thought it would be. Not a bad thing.

I’m hoping for an ingame tutorial!:wink:

press X on keaboard

Thanks For That.