How do you capture enemies?

I want to continue the research and from what some of you guys are saying, I need to capture some bad dudes to do this, but I’ve tried the neutraliser (I think that’s what it was called) and it hit the enemy with a % which I assume I need to get to 100% to capture them. Unfortunately it was only at about 24% after 1 hit and I don’t want the bad guys hanging around any longer.

So whats the best way to capture enemies?

Yeah, I’m wondering about this too. I built a Neurazer and have used it twice against badly injured enemies. Both times the enemy died right away. What conditions should I be looking for? I know there is something about comparing the Paralysis value of the Neurazer against some value of the enemy, but what am I looking for and is there something specific I need to do beforehand to increase my success chances?

Thanks for any help !

use the neurazer on a full health enemy, you want to use it with a dash assault soldier.

allowing you to hit it 4 times. you are looking to paralyze the enemy not kill, once they are paralyzed only re apply if its stun number starts going bellow the needed to keep. ignore them from that point and you will get them at the end of the mission.

One can easily capture an entire attack force if you are smart with this. (don’t recommend as it is painfully hard)


Thanks, that’s good advice! I’ll give it a try.

An alternate way to capture is to mind control the last enemy will always capture.

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Ah, that’s good, I just got my first priest.

Is that actually the case? It doesn’t seem to work with one enemy mind-controlled and then you kill the others - the game just auto-ended with no capture of that remaining mid-controlled alien.
I’ll try to mind control the last remaining one…but if you are sure one way or the other, please let us know.

3 years old topic… No. Mind Control doesn’t capture enemies.

You need to paralyze them. But there are better ways to do this. Neurazer is basic weapon:

  • Ally with Synedrion and you will get 2 fine weapons and 1 vehicle for this.
  • You can also try one of the mutations from Disciples, but it also require to go into melee range which is not really fun.
  • you can mind control Triton with paralyzing weapons and then try to paralyze other aliens with their own kin :smiley:

Thanks Yokes!