Alien Containment and Capturing Aliens

I recently unlocked the ability to capture live aliens. It mentions that it can only hold so many, but doesn’t tell you how many. Nor does anything seem to tell you how many you have. I’ve captured maybe 5-8 or so? Didn’t count. But I can’t seem to capture any more beyond that. I even built a containment facility at another PP base, and nothing.

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You are able capture some :wink: after me released some aliens, me unable catch new one ^^

Hi maybe stupid question but I cant figure it out how do You Capture aliens?

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With Anu tech you are supposed to be able to kill captured aliens to extract “mutagen”, so could be a good mechanic.

I already have the tech, but still haven’t captured aliens. Capture room just finished, need to finish Mutation room (whatever they are called…)

the first option is to use a special melee weapon - neurazer. you have to go melee and use neurazer which will apply ‘paralysis’ UNTIL you see ‘paralized’ status update.
paralysis amount will drop per turn so you have to be careful and reapply if it wears of.

If you are Synedrion friend you will get access to a neural class of ranged weapons which also got paralysis damage. (check my topic: [BB5] [SPOILERS] Wiki / Manual. new classes, abilities, weapons and stuff - #2 by kane)

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Ok so the alien need to be paralized not killed by neurazer. I will try thx for the Info!

It would be nice to know the exact mechanic though because the other day I “neurazer-ed” a Chiron 4 times (dash to get next to him and apply 4 times) and it was still not paralyzed. In fact the “PARALYZED” status didn’t pop but it seemed like he didn’t throw goo the next turn, so perhaps it worked. Mission bugged and then save files also, so end of campaign, started a new one…

This specific attack apply paralyzed status to targeted unit equal to value shown in weapon info. This applied value reduces proportionally amount of Action Points (Time Units) unit have. Those are not those Action Point for abilities, but for movement, that is why I call them Time Units. While you apply this effect, as a result target can do less and less during their turn. When amount of paralyzed value will equal total amount of Strength target has, then it will become paralyzed. Paralyzed effect diminish with time by 1 unit per turn.

EDIT: it was wrong:

In case of Chiron you should apply 12 or 16 units of paralyzed te neutralize him in that specific turn, depending on which legs that specific Chiron was. If you want him to be paralized for 5 more turns then it should be 17 or 21 paralized value on him.

So it should be 38 (or 46 in case of Chiron stun legs) paralyze units. So 4 or 5 hits with Neurazer.

Thanks, where did you find those numbers ? Experimented ? I tried looking on their info but there is nothing regarding their AP

Are you sure? I think I had to put someting like 50 for Chiron, and 2x for Siren… (but to paralyze them not just to get rid of their AP [which is a brilliant information anyway, because its better to root two enemies than paralyse one and get killed by the second one])

It is my guess. I didn’t encounter Chiron to paralyze it… But It worked like that with smaller enemies. I didn’t confirmed it on every possible enemy, so I may be wrong. :wink:

will try to test it for you tonight :slight_smile:

Great… :smiley: Having small baby is too much for me to get deep into game’s mechanics just in my spare time (if there is anything like that when you have a kid).

You are probably right that bigger enemies need to receive more paralyzed effect. Queen for example has low AP pool and it would be strange if we could tickle her few times and get her paralyzed. :smiley:

No worries mate. you start to have a spare time after (s)he turns 4. But then you decide to return to sport and again, you are back home at 10PM :wink:
IMHO paralyze status is conneted to max HP pool (while affecting AP). at least that would makes a perfect sense.

how do you capture pandoran a with virus ability and psychic? i tried mind control on one. did stop the mission or maibe the other one witch i shoot 6 time with the virus shootgun did, but no icon of capture in end mission screen!