What's the point of multiple PP bases?

How many of you have managed to have response teams at more than 2 bases?

I understand the idea is that PP is fighting against insurmountable odds.

But after a while it’s a little frustrating attempting to globe hop with 1 or two teams.

I trade with the havens for resources but am constantly short.

And even when there’s enough to recruit - you’re forced to globe hop to do that. And often end up out of position to respond to a haven defense.

Add to that the faction war decimating your recruiting base.

I’ve played the game to completion on each of the difficulty levels.

And in all of the campaigns I’m forced to ignore a large portion of what’s left of humanity.

I know changes are on the way. But I hope the improvements to recruitment allow for actually staffing the multiple PP bases - so that you’re not always attempting to respond around the world with 2 or 3 squads.

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Thing is - you don’t have to respond to all missions. And in many cases it is not possible to do that. Number of response teams depend on the difficulty settings where on higher levels you just don’t have time to assemble more than 2 or 3 teams.

On rookie you could have around 4-6 teams maybe.

I am building my 2nd team right now, found 3 PP bases (two of them are to close to be of real use, but the 3rd one came as a blessing, close to a pretty major mist spread.) I might stab my Synedrion friends at a back and steal a ship from them. I could use a quick, empty vessel for trading and unit recruitment.

How do you guys feel about Geoscape UI? It is my first time getting into the game far enough to get a second aricraft, and I find it quite fiddly and constantly send a wrong aircraft.

I agree aircraft management is a bit wonky. Tab key sometimes jumps backward 1 or 2 ships. One ends up with a different ship after selecting personnel. Hopefully, it will get attention soon.

I can usually manage 3 teams of four operatives by end of Jan. on Legend. This probably requires stealing ships but might not, depending on how I am playing.

I’ve found 3 teams can just about cover the world. One in N. + S. America, one eastern Asia, one western Asia/Europe/Africa.

I don’t see it as a matter of not able to respond to every mission. I WANT to respond to every mission so I try to make that possible. It is not easy or always successful, but I enjoy trying.

Yes, I would love to be able to have a team at each base. That’s what makes the most sense. Maybe the changes coming will allow that. Am hoping.